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Hot off the Press: 30 Forensic Engineering’s Biomechanical Experts Published in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics
In collaboration with Dr. Jack Callaghan, Canada Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics and Injury Prevention at the University of...
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Effect of Extreme Weather on our Buildings and Associated Measures
Environmental loads, such as wind, have a critical impact on the structural design and assessment of buildings and infrastructures....
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30 Forensic Engineering Launches NEW 2022 Spring/Summer Virtual Seminar Series Curriculum & Registration
30 Forensic Engineering, Canada’s leading multidisciplinary forensic firm, is pleased to announce our NEW 2022 Spring/Summer webinar series syllabus....
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An Expert’s Perspective on the Agony of Collision
When an oncoming vehicle unexpectedly crosses the centerline, options are limited. No time to think, no time to plan—a...
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Can We Build an Environment that will Better Prevent Falls on Stairs?
Falls resulting in injury account for approximately $8.6 billion in direct and indirect costs in Canada each year[1], in...
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Fort McMurray Flooding – One Year Later
In late April of 2020, Fort McMurray, Alberta, was subject to significant overland flooding, due to ice jamming on...
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