30 Forensic Engineering Proudly Announces Retitled Transportation Safety Group

(TORONTO) — 30 Forensic Engineering, Canada’s leading and fully-independent multi-disciplinary forensics firm, is pleased to announce that its Road Safety Group has officially been renamed to Transportation Safety Group.

After nine successful years as the Road Safety Group, we have recently transitioned our name to the Transportation Safety Group, which is a better representation of the group’s expanded areas of practice.

Russell Brownlee, Principal, Transportation Safety Group, says “we provide in-depth expertise in transportation facility design, operations and maintenance related to vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and rail. With a comprehensive understanding of industry practice and safety requirements, both provincially and nationally, our team is equipped to assist in reducing risk, uncover contributory factors in a loss, and improving the level of safety of road authorities’ transportation networks. In addition to undertaking investigations for litigants and defendants, we also provide preliminary risk assessments, safety audits and in-service safety reviews for transportation authorities.”

All members of the Transportation Safety Group are exclusively dedicated to road safety, and through active involvement in numerous transportation associations, committees and conferences throughout North America, keep apprised of industry best practice. Each year, the group teaches a two-day seminar on intersection safety to transportation practitioners in Ontario through the Ontario Traffic Council.  This year, the team continues to foster road safety and risk management in Canada through expanded one-day workshops dedicated to pedestrian and bicycle safety.

For more information regarding our Transportation Safety Group, please contact:

Russell Brownlee

Alexandre Nolet
Senior Associate

Shahram Almasi

30 Forensic Engineering