30 Forensic Engineering’s Joel van Popta to Present at the SMART Remediation Conference

Joel van Popta M.Sc., P.Geo, Senior Associate at 30 Forensic Engineering (Environmental Division), is scheduled to present at the Smart Methods in Advanced Remediation Technologies (SMART) Conference in Toronto on January 26th.

Joel will be presenting his findings on the use of stable isotopes in a multiple-lines-of-evidence approach to evaluating sources and degradation of trichloroethylene, or simply put – “Finger-Printing Contaminant Sources”.  With well over 130 registered delegates, this conference will bring together some of the industry’s top remediation professionals.

Organized by Vertex Environmental Inc., the SMART Remediation conference is expected to cover a wide range of issues and is part of a series of technical learning seminars for environmental professionals.

Please click HERE to view the full SMART conference agenda.

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