Fabian Erazo B.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Associate, Human Factors
Direct: 647-738-4475

Our Associates perform on-site investigations to determine origin and cause of complex losses. Their process: examine and collect evidence, take on-site photos, interview witnesses, conduct testing in our lab and analyze data to produce technical reports that are clear and concise.



Mr. Erazo is an Associate with the Human Factors group at 30 Forensic Engineering. He graduated with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in 2015 from Carleton University, followed by a Master of Applied Science in 2017, also from Carleton. His past work experience includes synthetic vision system design and human factors investigations of helicopter pilot performance. While at 30 Forensic Engineering, Fabian has conducted investigations involving motor vehicle collision reconstruction and human factors assessments of driver behaviour. Fabian has also analyzed the environmental conditions and behavioural factors leading to pedestrian slip, trip, and fall events.


  • Human Factors in Driver Behaviour
  • Collision Scene Assessment
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Workload and Fatigue
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

Academic background

Master of Applied Science: Human Factors Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, 2017

Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering: Systems and Structures, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, 2015

Employment Background

-30- Forensic Engineering
Associate - Human Factors
2017 | Present, Toronto, ON

  • Conducting technical investigations involving driver behaviour during collision events
  • Assessing environmental elements contributing to personal injuries resulting from slips, trips, and falls

Institute for Aerospace Research – National Research Council of Canada
Ceramic Materials Research Engineer
2015 | Ottawa, ON

  • Produced mullite-reinforced zirconia-toughened alumina from precursor metal oxides to characterize its erosion resistance properties

Flight Research Laboratory – National Research Council of Canada
Flight Research Engineer Student
2013 – 2014 | Ottawa, ON

  • Integrated NASA-developed flight symbology into a B412 helicopter for in-flight applications
  • Developed machine vision software to extract Level D quality flight data for simulator certification

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Carleton University
Teaching Assistant
2013 – 2017 | Ottawa, ON

  • Facilitated weekly problem analysis sessions on the subjects of graphic design and material sciences

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Carleton University
Research Assistant – Analysis of a Composite Structure Failure
2014 | Ottawa, ON

  • Examined the failure mechanisms of a polymer matrix composite crew oar through a combination of metallographic methods and numerical modeling

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Carleton University
Research Assistant – Physical Properties of Molecular Liquids
2013 | Ottawa, ON

  • Adopted atomic models to simulate how organic compounds affect the physical properties of oil when used as a lubricant in aircraft bearings

Professional Societies and Associations

  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Awards and Achievements

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University
  • Undergraduate Student Research Award, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council
  • Ravens Athletic Award, Carleton University

Proceedings and Publications

  • F. Erazo & A. Campbell, “Driver Perception of Lateral Collision Threats”, SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-1198, 2020.
  • F. Erazo, J. Etele & S. Jennings, “Scaling Criteria for Degraded Visual Environment Helicopter Symbology in Station-Keeping Tasks”, Proc. In CASI Aero Conference, 2017.
  • T. Robertson, F. Erazo, R. Kearsey, X. Huang & Q. Yang, “Erosion properties of Ceramic Composite Material based on Nano-Mullite Whisker and Zirconia Toughened Alumina”, Proc. In ASME Turbo Expo, 2017.
  • F. Erazo, G. Craig & K. Ellis, “BOSS Symbology: Bell 412 Helicopter Integration and Code Assessment”, LTR-FRL-2014-0025, National research Council of Canada, 2014
  • F. Erazo, G. Craig & K. Ellis “BOSS Symbology: Flight Test Data Collection for Simulator Verification”, LTR-FRL-2014-0026, National Research Council of Canada, 2014
  • K. Hui, F. Giardion, F. Erazo, J. Ricciardi, M. Ovenden, “Sikorsky S-92 Flight Test Data Collection for Simulator Model Development”, LTR-FRL-2014-0024, National Research Council of Canada, 2014