James Roberts CFEI, C.Tech., G1, LP, OBT1, GPI, OPI

Contract Senior Fire & Explosion Investigator, Fire & Electrical
Direct: 416-368-1700

Our Associates perform on-site investigations to determine origin and cause of complex losses. Their process: examine and collect evidence, take on-site photos, interview witnesses, conduct testing in our lab and analyze data to produce technical reports that are clear and concise.


EXPERt Summary

Mr. Jim Roberts is a consultant with 30 Forensic Engineering’s Fire & Explosion Investigation team and has conducted in excess of five hundred fire and explosion investigations, either independent of other investigations, in conjunction with other investigations or as an investigator’s specialized assistant. In addition, he has conducted over one hundred carbon monoxide incident investigations and over three hundred gasoline and fuel oil related spills and/or losses investigations. Mr. Roberts has been qualified as an expert witness in both Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice.


  • Fire and Explosion Investigations involving hydrocarbon fuels and regulatory compliance
  • Hydrocarbon fuelled Equipment and Appliances examination, testing and evaluation analysis
  • Investigation of Equipment Failures resulting in Carbon Monoxide exposure
  • Qualified as an expert in hydrocarbon fuels storage and handling
  • Qualified as an expert in hydrocarbon fuel equipment installation and utilisation
  • Qualified as an expert for the Crown (MCCR Fuels Safety Branch) prior to 1998


  • CFEI re-certification to 2009 Edition of NFPA 921, 2009
  • Investigating Propane and Natural Gas Explosions, Toronto Fire Services Fire Academy, 2007
  • Arson and Explosions Training Program, Canadian National Advanced Fire, 2004
  • Professional Practice Seminar, OACETT, 2003
  • Certified Trainer, Propane Gas Association of Canada, 1998
  • Fuel Technology, Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, 1988-1998
  • Investigative Techniques, Ontario Provincial Police College, 1992, 1993
  • Multi-certificate holder certification, Oil/Gas, 1989
  • V.A.C. Control Systems, HT 758, George Brown College, 1986
  • Consumers Gas, Industrial Training School, 1986
  • Consumers Gas, Applied Electricity, 1984
  • Fireye Flame Safeguard Control Seminar, 1984
  • Gas Fitter I certification Program, Durham College, 1983
  • Gas Fitter II certification Program, Durham College, 1978

employment background

30 Forensic Engineering

  • Fire and Explosion investigations involving hydrocarbon fuels and gases
  • Product failure investigations
  • Regulatory compliance of Fuel Handling, Storage and Utilisation including Standard of Care Construction Assessments, costing and deficiencies
  • Building Systems Failure Analysis
  • Building Code Assessments

J.A. Roberts and Associates
1998 – Present, Canada

  • Provide investigation services from both regulatory and technical viewpoints to assess involvement of implicated parties
  • Provide consulting services to the Fuels industry involving regulatory compliance issues (deviation/variance process, field approvals process, design and installation consultation for fuel fired equipment)
  • Develop and provide training programs in all aspects of fuel storage, handling and utilization

2004 – 2012, Ontario

  • Operated a facility for the testing and examination of equipment removed from incident sites and provide a lock-up facility for evidence
  • Operated a facility for the re-construction of incident sites for the purpose of testing hypotheses presented as fact in origin and cause determination
  • Operated a facility for hands-on technical training for certified Fuel Technicians on new generation equipment and appliances in co-operation with Fuel Distributors and Manufacturers of equipment
  • Operated a facility for the education of interested parties (i.e. Fire Departments, Police Departments, Fire Marshal Office Investigators and Regulatory Authorities)

D.J. Stainrod & Associates
Senior Investigator
1996 – 2008, Ontario

  • Provided investigation services from both regulatory and technical viewpoints to assess involvement of implicated parties at incident sites
  • Provided consulting services to the Fuels industry involving regulatory compliance issues
  • Developed and provided training programs in all aspects of fuel storage, handling and utilization

Technical Standards and Safety Authority
1997 – 1998, GTA
Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations

Senior Inspector
1988 – 1997, GTA

  • Spearheaded fuel-related fire, explosion or asphyxiation investigations, analyzed fuel handling procedures, and participated as a Crown Expert Witness in legal proceedings
  • Handled all phases necessary to compile detailed investigative reports (e.g. examine equipment; document and tag evidence; interview witnesses, officials, contractors and others; review service history records; supervise testing to establish potential cause)
  • Provided expert guidance and assistance to municipal officials, fire prevention officers, by-law enforcement officers, manufacturers and contractors
  • Prepared or issued legal briefs, lay information, offence summons, subpoenas and search warrants to enforce regulations under the Energy and Gasoline Handling Acts
  • Expert witness at court cases or inquest hearings for the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Office of the Fire Marshal, Metro Police, Ministry of Labour
  • Inspected sites and assessed testing agencies for the Standards Council of Canada
  • Appraised the design, installation, distribution and maintenance of all types of fuel facilities and equipment

Consumers Gas
Gas Technician
1973 – 1988, GTA & Whitby, Ontario

  • Established strong foundation for a career in the fuel handling industry by progressing through a series of positions with increasing technical and management responsibilities


  • CAN/CGA-B149.3 sub-committee, Voting Member
  • CAN/CGA-B149.6 sub-committee, Voting Member
  • Standards Council of Canada, Technical Advisor
  • Technical Advisory Committee, Natural Gas & Propane, Member
  • Gas Fitter Certification Programs, Durham College, Instructor
  • Fire Science & Technology Section of NFPA, Member
  • TSSA Accredited Training Provider
  • CSA Canadian Standards Association, Instructor
  • CAFI (Canadian Association of Fire Investigators), Member
  • OACETT, C.Tech. (Engineering) (Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists), Member
  • NAFI, National Association of Fire Investigators, CFEI (Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator), Member