Presentations & Seminars

It’s true: the more your people know, the better job they can do. Unfortunately, there is so much to know that it's tough to sort out what's vital and what's not. And it's tough to keep up with all the changes.

Presentations and seminars hosted by 30 Forensic Engineering distill the information on each topic that makes a difference. They're presented in a lively, interactive way that engages your team in learning.

Typical Presentation Topics

Biomechanics, Personal Injury and Human Factors

  • Biomechanics: The Science of Injury Causation
  • Biomechanics: The Anatomy of Low Speed Collisions and Injuries
  • Biomechanics: Current Science in Concussion and Head Injury
  • Biomechanics: Assessments of Restraint Use and Effectiveness during Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Personal Injury: Advanced Investigation of Slips, Trips & Falls and Personal Injury Claims
  • Human Factors: What would a ‘Normal’ Driver do?
  • Human Factors: Understanding Why Collisions Happen
  • Human Factors: Human Behaviour in non-MVC claims
  • Multidisciplinary Assessments of Personal Injury Claims – Biomechanics, Building Code and Human Factors

Civil/Structural & Building Code

  • Building Code: Standards & Compliance
  • Building Code: Active and Passive Fire Protection
  • Building Science: Roofs & Walls
  • Fire Code: Retrofit Requirements
  • Structural: Damage Assessment & Remediation
  • How to Stop Building Envelope and Environmental Issues from Turning Small Losses into Big Losses

Collision Reconstruction & Heavy Trucks

  • Collision Reconstruction Assessments of Suspected Fraudulent Claims
  • Essentials of Accident Reconstruction
  • Night Time Visibility & Accidents Involving Pedestrians
  • The Future of Accident Reconstruction & The Emergence of the Autonomous Vehicle
  • New Technologies for Assessing Vehicle Collision Claims
  • Assessments of Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Collisions
  • Low Speed Collisions
  • Heavy Trucks 101 to 401: From Basics to Reconstruction
  • The First 48: The Ideal Response to Truck Collisions
  • A Trial Lawyer’s Primer on Trucks
  • Latest Technologies Used to Investigate Heavy Truck Collisions

Contaminated Sites

  • Fuel Oil Releases: Failure Investigation, Response, Management & Remediation

Fire & Electrical

  • Fire Losses from Start to Finish
  • Fire: Common Causes of Electrical Fires
  • Fire Scene Management and Safety
  • The Fundamentals of Electrical Losses and Claims
  • North American Electrical Reliability Corporation Standards and Compliance

Geotechnical Engineering/Mining

  • Innovative Approaches in Forensic Geotechnical Investigations
  • Soil-Structure Interaction – Losses Requiring Geotechnical and Structural Expertise

Materials Failure, HVAC & Piping

  • Materials: Product Liability
  • Equipment Failures: Fire, Breakdown, Failure
  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems Failures
  • Boilers: From Basics to Breakdowns
  • Chillers & A/C Components
  • Generators, Motors & Systems
  • Water Loss Investigations in Condo and Office Towers


  • Common Issues and Risks Faced in Demolition, as They Relate to the Occupation Health & Safety Act
  • Emerging Designated Substances Issues – Arsenic & Lead
  • Environmental Engineering Challenges in Property Losses
  • Lessons Learned Applying Project Management Best Practices to Large Loss Remediation Projects
  • The Importance of Analytics in Assessing Water and Fire Loss Events
  • The Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Remediation


  • Construction – Building With Risk In Mind
  • 30 Forensic Engineering’s Construction & Geo-Environmental Service Offering
  • 30 Forensic Engineering’s Construction Service Offering

Renewable Energy

  • PV Operations & Risk Assessment
  • Renewable Electrical Failures – Prevention, Response and Safety

Transportation Safety

  • Current Trends in Road Authority Liability
  • Sustainable Safety Principles, and Design Strategies in an Era of Innovative Mobility Planning
  • Pedestrian Safety, Bicycle Safety and Risk Management
  • Nighttime Collisions - The Importance of Lighting and Delineation
  • Winter Road Maintenance

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