Giffin Koerth’s Electrical Forensic Group to Participate in 2016 Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC) in Montreal, QC

From Sunday, June 19th to Wednesday, June 21 Giffin Koerth’s Electrical Forensic Group will be in Montreal to attend the 34th Electrical Insulation Conference at Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, QC. The Electrical Group will be represented by Andy Brown and Keith Foster, supported by Vanessa Lacey and Alexandra Jones.

Giffin Koerth will be exhibiting at the conference on Monday and Tuesday during lunch and the Poster Session in the evening. On-site registration is available, so come by and say hello!

Andy Brown is Chairing one of the Rotating Plant sessions at the Conference and will also be participating in the IEEE Standards working group meetings relating to High Voltage Insulation and testing, which take place after the close of the 2016 EIC on Rotating Machinery. These working group meetings are held by the IEEE DEIS Materials Subcommittee of the Electrical Machinery Committee, and allow for the discussion and new definitions of existing and new working standards in the industry. For more information, please reach out to Andy.

The Electrical Group is excited and honoured to be a part of this year’s EIC! To learn more about Giffin Koerth’s Electrical service offerings, click here.

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