Fire & Explosion – 30 Forensic Engineering

For over a decade, our fire experts have been called upon to investigate, analyze, and opine on some of the most catastrophic fire and explosion-related events in Canadian history. Our highly-skilled and diverse team of experts provide a unique perspective and profound understanding of how and why fires and explosions occur. Whether the loss is associated with a complex metal refining process, a food processing facility, a commercial HVAC unit or an ordinary space heater, we have the right experts to provide insight into both the cause and broader context of the event. During the course of our investigations, we keep our clients informed of our progress and findings and make sure we meet their timelines for deliverables. When requested to do so, we produce reports that are concise, understandable, and actionable. 30 Forensic Engineering strives to provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective investigation, reporting, and remediation options possible.

Meet Our Fire & Explosion Team

Rashmiya Raviraj, B.A.Sc., CFEI, P.Eng.
Senior Associate | Fire Investigation | Electrical Failure Analysis
6 years of experience in over 300 fire origin and cause investigations, with approximately 200 involving electrical failures. Expertise in electrical equipment fires, explosions and electrical failures. Additional experience with infrared thermography, x-rays and electrical quality control and assurance.



Daniel Pelkman, RSE, ME, CCEI, C.tech, NABCEP, CFEI, CCFI-C
Senior Associate | Fire Investigation | Electrical Failure Analysis | Renewable Energy
Experience in over 50 fire origin and cause investigations. 24 years of experience in the electrical industry. Electrical quality control, project management, and assurance of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring installations, infrared thermography and Solar Photovoltaic Systems specialist.



Deepak Bhathal, CRSP, CFEI
Senior Associate | Fire Investigation | Industrial Hygiene | Remediation
10 years of experience in engineering consulting and construction industry. Specializing in environmental projects including air quality and odour control, water quality, asbestos and mould sampling and abatement, occupational hygiene, HVAC and hazard assessments.



Troy Eggum, CIP, Ph.D., CFEI, P.Eng.
Senior Associate | Mechanical Failure Analysis | Oil and Gas | Corrosion
Over 20 years experience, with specialized expertise in product, equipment, and system failures in industrial and consumer settings, with deep experience in the oil and gas, energy, and mining industries. Additional experience as Energy Adjuster, specializing in large and complex losses for national and international insurance markets.




Terrence Holder, M.A.Sc., BSSO, CFEI, CCFI-C, P.Eng.
Practice Lead | Fire Investigation | Structural and Building Science Failure
Experience in fire origin and cause investigations. Over 20 years experience in forensic investigations of structural losses, as well as building science and building code compliance. Court qualified as an expert in matters related to concrete.



Tom Pepper, CFEI, CCFI-C, P.Eng.
Practice Lead | Fire Investigation | Building and Fire Code Assessment
Experience in fire origin and cause investigations. Over 15 years of building and fire code compliance assessments, construction experience and forensic engineering. Court qualified as an expert in civil/structural engineering and building codes.