Infrastructure – 30 Forensic Engineering

Across all levels of government and among utility providers, one of the most pressing concerns is the maintenance and upgrade of the critical infrastructure that society depends on – roads and bridges; air, rail and marine transportation; drinking-water, waste-water and storm-water distribution and treatment; energy and telecommunications. Faced with an ever evolving mix of challenges from climate change to pandemics and social disruptions, the demands put on our infrastructure, and the risks related to their failure, have never been greater.

The experts of 30 Forensic Engineering come from a wide array of backgrounds and have proven track-records of executing projects related to infrastructure along with cutting edge insights into future trends, bringing the right mix of technical skills required. Our experience in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure combined with our failure response and litigation experience ensures that we are able to effectively communicate and collaborate with our clients and partners in solving complex problems with confidence.

Meet Our Infrastructure Team

Vito Schifano, P.Eng., P.E., Ph.D.
Practice Lead | Geotechnical Analysis and Design
25 years combined academic and industrial experience in consulting, design and construction management and forensic geotechnical engineering. Specialized expertise in soft soils and ground technologies, remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land, and traditional geotechnical applications to roads, railways, buildings and dams.


Dewan Karim, M.A.Sc., MITE, PTOE, P.Eng.
Practice Lead | Transportation Safety | Infrastructure | Planning
Over 20 years of experience in transportation engineering, planning, and traffic safety issues. Additional expertise in traffic engineering and safety regulations, transportation planning and street design issues, and winter maintenance.


Robert Sparling, B.Eng.Mgt., P.Eng.
Vice President & Practice Lead | Mechanical Failure Analysis | Metallurigical Analysis | Fractography
Court-qualified expert witness with over 30 years experience, specializing in design and repair of gas turbine hot system components, welding, brazing, plasma coating, diffusion coating, and other surface treatments, and overall assessment of mechanical and fuel system failures.


Jeff Reitsma, P.Eng., PMP, M.B.A.
Vice President & Practice Lead | Multidisciplinary Project Management | Remediation
Over 20 years experience leading multi-disciplinary engineering and construction service teams for industrial, infrastructure, remediation, and catastrophic loss response projects. Specialized technical expertise in environmental & process engineering, project management, municipal infrastructure, and dispute resolution.


Kamyab Zandi, M.Sc., Ph.D., Docent
Senior Associate | Western Canada | Structural and Building Science Failure
20 years combined academic and industrial experience in structural engineering, structural assessment and analysis, structural simulation and modelling, structural health monitoring, and structural codes and standardization.


Tom Pepper, B.Eng., CFEI, P.Eng.
Practice Lead | Building and Fire Code Assessment | Structural and Building Science Failure
Over 25 years experience, with specialized expertise in building and fire code compliance assessments and construction experience. Extensive experience in construction project management, building inspections, code consulting and forensic engineering. Court qualified as an expert in civil/structural engineering and building codes.


Grant Elligsen, P.Eng., CRSP, CFSC
Senior Associate | Occupational Health and Safety | Remediation
15 years of project management, leadership and investigation experience, including commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties. Specializing in environmental projects, occupational health and safety assessments, and hazardous materials and designated substance surveys.


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