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Getting to the Root: Building Damage Caused by Trees
Trees may be the cause of nuisance for real estate developers and home owners as they may cause damage...
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Why flip-flops may increase the risk of slips and falls
Did you know that footwear type can impact the likelihood of recovering from a slip? Research indicates that footwear...
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Les passagers sont moins probables d’utiliser leurs ceintures lorsqu’ils sont assis à l’arrière d’un véhicule (“Adults admit they often skip belt in rear-seat” – IIHS News)
Plus que la moitié de la population utilise les services de transport de covoiturage comme les taxis, Uber, Lyft,...
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Post-Fire Risks — Notre Dame Cathedral Restorers Share The Same Concerns
Fires can be devastating to the properties, neighborhoods and families that they affect. When we see, read or hear...
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Uncertainties in Structural Designs & their Associated Risks
Contrary to popular belief, it is a myth that structural engineering designs always deal with quantities that are perfectly...
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30 Forensic Engineering Launches Flood Risk Assessment Service
30 Forensic Engineering, Canada’s leading and fully-independent multi-disciplinary forensics firm, is pleased to announce the launch of our Flood...
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