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Is Concussion a Likely Injury Outcome from a Low Speed Rear End Collision?
At 30 Forensic Engineering, our biomechanics experts are frequently retained to investigate whether a concussion is likely to occur...
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Even Retaining Structures Need Support – Design and Assessment Perspectives from a Forensic Engineer
Retaining structures are used to laterally support (hold back) material, typically soil, and allow for a difference in grade...
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Fraudulent Collision Claims in the Aftermath of COVID-19
Experience has taught us that significant economic recession or industry policy changes can have a direct effect on the...
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The Devil is in the Collision Details
When collisions occur and insurance claims are being filed, questions pertaining to liability and the damages incurred by the...
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Impartial Fire Investigations Key During COVID-19 as Toronto Fire Department Sees 17% Increase in Fires
Matthew Pegg, Fire Chief / General Manager of Emergency Management & COVID-19 Incident Commander for the City of Toronto,...
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Why Carrying Objects Can Pose a Risk When Responding to a Fall
Carrying an object while walking, whether a child or a cell phone, can greatly alter the outcome if we...
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