Risky Business Conference 2018: Embracing Uncertainty

Since its inception, the ‘Risky Business’ group of conferences have been built on the premise of learning from high risk industries in order to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. For over a decade, these events have been held internationally (Boston, London, Cape Town) focusing on risk management, patient safety and safety awareness.  For 2018, Risky Business: Embracing Uncertainty is being held in Toronto, November 5-6 at the Sheraton Centre and is set to bring together industry experts in healthcare to share ideas on risk, human performance, teams and leadership. Themes to be explored at the conference include: ethical and legal implications of risk, artificial intelligence, parents and patients reflecting on risk, decision making + human error and getting prepared for the unexpected.

30 Forensic Engineering, Canada’s leading and fully-independent multi-disciplinary forensics firm, is pleased to announce that Senior Associate, Dr. Adam Campbell Ph. D.Human Factors, will be participating on a panel discussion titled “How and Why Things Go Wrong… and Well”. Dr. Campbell’s combined academic and research experiences span the fields of human behaviour, neurophysiology and the neural control of movement. His research program aims to understand the capacities and limitations of the human nervous system in perceiving and responding to cues in the environment. He is a qualified expert in Human Factors, Driver and Pedestrian Behaviour, the Analysis of Driver Behaviour and Slip & Falls in the Superior Court of Justice and has testified in multiple litigation proceedings.

As the conference theme is “Embracing Uncertainty”, this session was designed to help better understand why uncertainty is present in critical situations, why things go wrong and more importantly, highlight the response and subsequent changes that helped improve the system.  Also joining Dr. Campbell on the panel:

  • Jackie C. Hubbert, R.N. BScN, MBA Clinical Director, Labatt Family Heart Centre and Critical Care Services, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada
  • Jon S. Woods, Associate Professor (Clinical track), Division of Pediatric Critical Care, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
  • Michael Halberthal MD, MHA, Deputy Director, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, ISRAEL

Supporters of the 2018 Toronto Risky Business Conference:

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