Biomechanics & Personal Injury

The Biomechanics & Personal Injury group performs assessments of the causal mechanics of injury.

Our expert team is pre-eminent in the highly specialized study of human movement and the external physical forces and conditions that cause injury. Academics at heart, our research skills and experience help us immeasurably in performing each assessment we undertake.

Traditionally, medical doctors and mechanical engineers have provided injury causation assessments, but within the last decade, biomechanics has become widely accepted as the valid source of this evidence at trial. Certainly, we have gained a reputation as reliable expert witnesses who are helpful, trustworthy, and unshakeable.

Two members of our team are adjunct professors at Waterloo, and our team members are actively engaged with other institutions, including University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. With a true depth of expertise in injury causation, we are at the forefront of establishing biomechanics as an essential investigative process for the industry.

  • Doctorates in biomechanics and neurophysiology with deep research roots
  • Pre-eminent in the emerging field of biomechanics
  • Reputation for complete investigation and reporting

Focused. Methodical. Unshakeable.


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