Building & Fire Code

The Building and Fire Code group provides plans reviews, inspections, analyses and reporting services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our team is typically called in to investigate a site after an occurrence such as a fire, water damage, or personal injury.  Applying our intricate knowledge of current as well as historical building or fire codes and associated standards to the investigation, we consider compliance alternatives and alternate solutions. This analysis gives our clients a clear understanding of the next step(s) they need to take – whether it’s subrogation, remediation, litigation, or simply retrofitting the building to meet the applicable codes.

Our hands-on experience in design, building construction and inspection combined with our extensive library of local and international building codes gives us an informed perspective for our clients. With our understanding of the intricate details of building and fire codes, and our systematic approach to research, we provide accurate, actionable reporting.

Building codes and standards are continually changing. Our mission is to make ourselves aware of the latest codes and standards, and apply this knowledge in ways that enable our clients to make clear, cost-effective decisions.

  • Extensive knowledge of present and historic codes and standards
  • Hands-on experience in plans review, building construction and inspection
  • Deep investigative methodology

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Meticulous.


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