Human Factors

The Human Factors team assesses the behaviours of individuals involved in collisions or other personal injury events to provide you with the insight needed to fully understand who contributed to an incident.

The ranges and limits of human ability are central to the assessment of whether or not an incident was caused by human error. Did the involved drivers behave as expected of a typical motorist? Did the other driver involved have a delayed response? Could the incident have been avoided, or the severity lessened if only those involved behaved normally? Whether involving collisions, issues of roadway design, response to warnings and signage, or slip/trip and falls, these are the types of questions to which our Human Factors team can provide answers.

We are trial-tested scientists who take a hands-on approach to both forensic investigation and staying at the cutting edge of thought-leadership through designing and implementing research studies with our various academic partners and teaching at the post-secondary level.

As with all disciplines at -30-, we take great pride in delivering objective information to you in the clearest possible terms, so you can do your job with confidence knowing that each opinion you receive is backed by an unmatched depth of expertise.

Let our team bring the science of human behaviour to bear.

  • Trial-tested and qualified expertise in human behaviour
  • Thought-leadership as educators and researchers
  • At the leading edge of human factors investigative techniques