Materials & Product Failure / Piping & HVAC

The Materials & Product Failure / Piping & HVAC group investigates the physical breakdown of products of any material composition.

Whether it’s a common bathroom fixture, a water pipe, an HVAC system, or a jet engine, our team of engineers is uniquely trained to deal with the properties and chemistry of materials. We have the ability to examine every aspect of the composition of a product’s materials to determine how and why a failure occurred, right down to the molecular level.

We undertake a rigorous scientific methodology, using a wide range of investigative testing, measurement and analyses to determine the origin of the problem. We consider all factors: environment, construction, usage, maintenance, conformance to industry standards, and the material attributes of the product’s chemical composition at the atomic scale.

But while we examine the microscopic details, we also look at the big picture. Our goal is not only to make an accurate, detailed assessment, but to provide an actionable report with detailed conclusions that allow our clients to make a decision and take the next step.

  • Focused exclusively on examining properties and chemistry of materials
  • Rigorous scientific methodology using multiple tests
  • Actionable reporting with detailed conclusions

Scientific. Investigative. Actionable.


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