Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy group performs quality control inspections and testing of solar arrays to prevent failures from occurring.

As one of the risk-assessment focused groups at 30 Forensic Engineering, our team comprises of master electricians and electrical engineers who have deep knowledge of electrical codes and construction techniques.  Applying this knowledge, we help system owners and building owners meet safety standards and de-risk a solar array installation, enabling insurance companies to provide lower insurance premiums. Other areas where our clients see value include:

  • Peer-review of operations and maintenance
  • Condition assessment in support of transaction due-diligence
  • Failure investigation in coordination with the 30 Forensic Engineering Fire, Electrical, Geotechnical and Materials Failure teams

Running a series of tests, we are able to identify any equipment and wiring that may be problematic, highlighting deficiencies and providing the required corrective actions to ensure the site is as safe as possible.

It is a common misconception that solar arrays are benign and inherently safe. They are not. If not properly installed, inspected, and maintained, solar arrays run the risk of igniting electrical fires.

Looking at each case using our forensic skills and experience, we have the ability to provide highly accurate predictive analysis onsite to report existing or potential maintenance issues.  Since the inception of our group, there have been zero failures on systems inspected by 30 Forensic Engineering.

  • Quality control inspection and testing of solar panel arrays
  • Deep knowledge of electrical and construction codes
  • Perfect record: zero failures since inception

Observant. Meticulous. Precise.


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