The Trucking group specializes exclusively in investigating large commercial motor vehicle incidents.

Our competitive advantage: we look at an incident from a much larger frame of reference than many other forensic service providers do. We examine all the contributing factors that lead up to an incident, often working with our colleagues in Human Factors, Biomechanics, Transportation Safety, Materials Engineering, and Environment, Health & Safety. The result is a comprehensive analysis and set of recommendations to reach the best possible resolution.

Our investigation process involves a thorough examination of the vehicle itself, employing the expertise of our in-house truck mechanic, and using extensive photography, black box data, and any other documentation of the incident such as police reports and eyewitness accounts.

Scrutinizing this information, we perform an accurate reconstruction of the accident. No detail is too small. And with our ability to confer with our in-house colleagues in a wide range of engineering, technical and scientific disciplines, including our award-winning Collision Reconstruction group, we can do it holistically and efficiently – and much more cost-effectively.

Typically, our clients are under pressure to take action and minimize costs. Our ability to respond and investigate quickly helps to offset losses that can often be in the millions of dollars. Backed by our comprehensive knowledge of the challenges, the regulatory framework, and avenues of litigation concerning commercial motor vehicle incidents, we have the ability to get to the answers that matter most.

  • Specialists in large commercial vehicular collisions
  • Actively work with multiple disciplines within 30 Forensic Engineering
  • Efficient, holistic investigative approach

Holistic. Responsive. Informed.


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