Luiza Araujo

Technical Writer & Report Editor
Direct: (416) 368-1700

Our Support Team provides critical assistance in Operations, IT, Marketing, Communications, Technical Writing, Project Management, Client Support, Engineering Technology, Finance and Human Resources. They enable the company to meet client needs by maintaining the highest standards in business practices and company procedures.



Ms. Luiza Araujo is a Technical Writer and Report Editor with 30 Forensic Engineering, and holds a Diploma from The Toronto Film School. Luiza has a wide range of writing, editorial, and research expertise from her experience working in the private sector and in the film industry.


  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copy Editing
  • Story Editing
  • Research and Development


Diploma, Writing for Film and TV, Toronto Film School, 2020


  • English Plus Digital Photography, University of the Arts, London, UK, 2014


30 Forensic Engineering
Technical Writer/ Report Editor
2023 – Present, Toronto, ON

  • Provide specialized, professional services to engineers and experts in the form of exceptional writing, editorial, analytical, and researching skills
  • Work as a highly effective collaborator alongside engineers, and support staff to meet deadlines in an efficient manner
  • Demonstrate a style that favours clarity, concision, and an enabling attitude to facilitate the production of a comprehensive, well-crafted product

Script Supervisor
2020 – 2023, Toronto, Ontario

  • Work with script writer and director to develop a concise script, and plan how to translate words into visuals
  • Break the script down into scene elements and take pre-production notes in order to keep production running smoothly and on time
  • Be present during production, watch each shot closely to ensure continuity between shots and takes, and take production notes according to the director and editor’s needs
  • Type a continuity report based on notes taken before and during production

The Urban Writers
Copy Editor
2020 – 2022, Toronto, Ontario

  • Proofread manuscripts to find and address potential grammar and syntax issues
  • Work alongside the writer and provide feedback on the plot, story structure, and flow of the manuscript
  • Fact-check manuscripts that relied on research-based information
  • Work with the company to ensure every manuscript met its deadline

Droid Studio
Photography and Office Assistant
2014 – 2017, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

  • Conduct digital marketing research and write up reports based on the results of such research
  • Work with the creative team to plan and develop social media and ad campaigns for our clients
  • Be present at the photography set to provide any technical or creative assistant as per the photographer and/or art director’s needs