Technology-Based Investigations during COVID-19: Solutions for the Insurance Industry

To our valued insurance industry partners, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global issue impacting individuals and businesses in unprecedented ways.

As an essential service, 30 Forensic Engineering is functioning at capacity while respecting social distancing protocols. Our 13 disciplines are available to clients nationally, and we have overcome numerous obstacles that prevent timely investigation and delivery of findings. Our experts and staff are fully equipped for remote work, with data security protocols intact.

One of the more challenging obstacles is maintaining social distance while completing site and evidence examinations. Traditionally, many examinations are performed jointly with other experts present, and multiple people are required to handle evidence and equipment. It is simply not possible to maintain these traditional practices during the pandemic.

To address this issue and continue to provide services during COVID-19 restrictions, 30 Forensic Engineering is taking examinations online.  Equipped with a direct ‘live stream’ video feed, a single expert can conduct an examination with the following benefits:

  • Any number of additional experts can participate in the examination through live stream video, from any location.
  • Clients and counsel have live access to the examination.
  • Digital photographs, stereomicroscopy images, and investigation notes can be shared during the examination for real-time confirmation that evidence is properly documented.
  • Senior experts from multiple disciplines can participate remotely and provide their unique perspectives at minimal cost.
  • The most qualified experts get access to the evidence, but without the costs and risks of travel during this sensitive time.

We have successfully field-tested this technology in joint examinations of evidence with experts from different provinces.  Most recently, our Materials and Geotechnical experts in Ontario directed the examination of an underground piping failure in British Columbia.

While our priority is always the well-being of our employees, clients, and community, we understand the importance of providing timely answers to client questions, and we will continue to search for solutions and safeguard the safety of all involved.

On behalf of the staff at 30 Forensic Engineering, I wish everyone well as we collectively navigate this challenge.

Jamie Catania B.E.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.
President & Practice Lead, Collision Reconstruction
Emergency Services Line +1-866-287-1192

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