Some good words from our clients. We’re committed to providing the highest possible quality of service for every client we serve. Throughout the years, the 30 team has garnered exceptional accolades from our clients. We’re delighted to share some of those reviews here.

"From the above analysis, I conclude that RR35 where the accident took place was snow covered and slippery at the time of the accident. The opinion of a refreeze offered by [30 FE] accords with the evidence of the witness at the scene and the employees of the Defendant, and offers a logical explanation for the condition of the road that day."

R.D. Gordon


Belanger et. al. vs. The Regional Municipality of Sudbury et. al.

Please find enclosed a copy of the Decision of Mr. Justice Siegel in respect to this matter. He was clearly impressed by your evidence, and, in my experience, rightly so. Thank you for your services.

Peter Trebuss


Trebuss, Rapley LLP

"30 FE spent extensive time reviewing the physical evidence, the damage to the vehicles, the pictures of the vehicles, the position of the vehicles upon the roadway, the police investigation and, of course, the evidence of the witnesses both through statements and examinations for discovery. I find that this balanced scientific approach was the correct one to be utilized. It was very helpful in understanding this complex accident…He has presented a reasonable and probable explanation for the damage to the … vehicles."

Bruce Robertson

Arbiter in AXA Insurance v. RSA Insurance

"We are particularly impressed by the speed with which you complete your assignments; hopefully this service experience will continue as you grow your clientele. Similarly, your account fees are much more reasonable that we have been forced to come accustomed to. By all accounts, you are meeting Markel’s needs and expectations. I very much like the manner in which you lay out your reports, and the schedules common to all reports (sections of the SABS which detail how entitlement is incurred, etc.)...The examiners express that it’s been a pleasure to work with you."

Meredith Foley

Accident Benefits Supervisor

Claims Department, Markel Insurance Company of Canada

"Thank you again for your attendance on Friday, I believe it went well, and your presence on the stand was first rate."

Sergio Grillone

Barrister & Solicitor

Grillone Law Firm

"I just read the report. It was worth waiting for. Great job, as usual!" 

Lynn Turnbull

Black Sutherland LLP

"The jury came back (after about 2 hours of deliberating) with a verdict of NO LIABILITY against my client! I was shocked and obviously extremely happy. Thanks for all your help on the liability issue."

Joanne Blacklock

Blouin Dunn LLP

"I really appreciate your replies. Thank you so much . . . I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that my experience with your people over the past few years, has been consistently exceptional. I really value your educational approach. Your reports yield results and help us to relay the critical message to claimants and their counsel, that ‘we don’t take litigation lightly’. When the occasions arise, your firm is always my first choice. Keep up the great work."

Lisa Marie Buccella

Reisler Franklin LLP

"The staff at 30 Forensic Engineering have helped both our clients, and the court, to clearly understand difficult engineering concepts with well written and articulate reports."

David Morin

Will Barristers LLP - Morin & Miller

"I'd like to thank you for your assistance in this trial.  I believe that the jury found your evidence to be detailed, professional and accurate.  I believe that you were also able to counteract the plaintiff's argument that you were not neutral and that you were biased.  Obviously, they believed your evidence because we won."

David Zarek

Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan LLP

"I wanted to thank you for all of your excellent work and assistance in this matter. The case resolved at the mediation quite favourably to the defence. Without your hard work and input it would not have occurred."

John Olah

Beardwinter LLP

"Just to let you know that the trial has ended today with a guilty plea to "fail to drive in marked lane" under section 154(1)(a) of the HTA, and your attendance is therefore not required. Your excellent report was a factor in the Crown proposing this lesser offence for resolution, and I thank you for your very able assistance and professionalism."

Ed Hung

Hung Law Office

"I have worked on a variety of Large Loss Claims with 30 Forensic Engineering over the years and have found them to be responsive, communicative, objective and reliable.  I would not hesitate to recommend their 'in-house' expertise, as they have an exceptional team and I have trusted their opinions and conclusions that allowed me to make the best decisions for our firm."

George Walker

Senior Litigation Claims Specialist

30 years with one of Canada’s Largest Insurers